Official Drink of Santa Barbara - Independent

The Black Sheep Enters Cocktail Contest

In the spirit of further elevating Santa Barbara's cocktail culture, Visit Santa Barbara and the Santa Barbara Independent have temed up once again, to designate an official signature Santa Barbara mixed drink that celebrates the distinctive attributes of The American Riviera, "The Official Drink of Santa Barbara" cocktail competition calls upon local restaurants, bars and lounges to craft their libation interpretation of Santa Barbara's one-of-a-kind sense of place. 

Contestants are encouraged to use local ingredients and take inspiration from Santa Barbara's dramatic landscapes, architectural landmarks and abundant culinary riches.   After the offical signature drink of Santa Barbara is declared, the winning drink will be available for public consumption at the winner's place of business throughout 2018.

The Black Sheep's Contest Cocktail:

Tangerine Falls

Cocktail Contest.jpg


  • 2.5 oz Saba bourbon
  • .5 tangerine shrubs
  • .5 agave nectar
  • .5 aquafaba (for foam )
  • .5 cutlers cold brew

Drink Description: 

The tangerine falls with a cutlers aquafaba foam. Named after the waterfall in Santa Barbara.

Recipe Instructions: 

In a Tin:

  1. pour 2.5 oz Saba bourbon whiskey 
  2. Add .5 agave 
  3. Add . 5 aquafaba 
  4. Add .5 tangerine shrubs 
  5. Dry shake for 30 seconds 
  6. Poor in rocks glass ad a ice cube and top with cutlers cold brew liqueur 
  7. And Finnish garnish with a dehydrated sugar coated tangerine 

Tasting Notes: 

Creamy salty musky tangerine with a coffee sweat nose and a hint of sharpness to cut thru the drink

The Backstory: 

Inspiration came from listening to my hiking friends talk about this hike in great detail and getting so jazzed about it, being a full time restauranteur, I don’t get out much, so it’s fun to listen to them explain their journey

How does your drink embody the spirit of SB?: 

For me it embodies Santa Barbara because it reminds me in the morning of dense cool salty air and us why we all live here.